Masters in Fine Arts, Trumpet Performance, California Institute, Valencia, CA, 2016. Under the tutelage of Edward Carroll and Daniel Rosenboom

Bachelor of Music, Outstanding achievement in trumpet performance, McGill University, 2013. Under the tutelage of Russell Devuyst and Edward Carroll

Private lessons with: teachers: Gabriele Cassone 2013–2014, Steven Dube 2003–2008, Georgi Penchev 2004–2009, Guillermo Samper 2001–2004

Master Classes: Chosen Vale international trumpet seminar (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), Semana de la Trompeta Peruana 2012 (translator). Has worked with: Marco Blaauw, Stephen Burns, Peter Evans, Mark Gould, Håkan Hardenberger, Brian McWhorter, Craig Morris, Anthony Plog, Clément Saunier Thomas Stevens,  Markus Stockhausen, Robert Sullivan, James Thompson, John Wallace, Nate Wooley

Pedagogical training: Community Arts Partnership CalArts, Valencia, CA, September 26, 2015. Day-long teaching seminar: teaching students 11–19, planning classes, classroom management

Selected Recent Performances

Fluxconcert - Lamont Young, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Disney Hall, L.A., Nov. 17, 2018. Performed La Monte YOUNG and Marian ZAZEELA’s The Melodic Version (1984) of The Second Dream of The High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer from The Four Dreams of China (1962) in Dream Light, alongside other featured trumpet and cello virtuosi: Charles Curtis, Judith Hamann, Ben Neill, Stephen Burns, C.J. Camerieri, Erick Jovel, Jonah Levy, Stephanie Richards, Jennifer Bewerse, Rob Frear, and Ben Hong

David Rosenboom & Lewis Klahr: Battle Hymn for Insurgent Arts, REDCAT, L.A., April 21, 2018. Performed as part of the “Virtuoso Ensemble of Collaborators” alongside Matt Barbier, Swapan Chadhuri, Gene Coye, Meltem Ege, Allen Fogle, Alphonso Johnson, Lewis Klahr, Miranda Kahn, Molly Pease, David Rosenboom, Aaron Smith, Luke Storm, and Jake Vossler

Hopscotch, a mobile opera for 24 cars, The Industry. L.A., Oct. 31–Nov. 21, 2015. Performed twice a weekend for chapter 23 of the opera (Ellen Reid) and later recorded chapters 23 and 26 (David Rosenboom) for the subsequent CD project. More information about the project can be found at or at

Lou Harrison: Music of the Pacific, REDCAT, L.A., December 9, 2017. Performed Lou Harrison’s Clay’s Quintet 

Los Angeles Chorale Lab: Christmas Lights, L.A., December 3, 2017. Featured soloist, repertoire included: Halsey Stevens: Magnificat, Vaughan Williams: Fantasy on Christmas Carolls, and Martinu: Sonatina for Trumpet

Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra, L.A., Performances of Gustav Mahler’s fourth symphony, John Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine, Saad Haddad: Tahkt, amongst others

Desert X, performed in opening night for Tavares Strachan, Rancho Mirage, CA, February 24, 2017. Performed music for the opening of this innovative artwork, in what is coming to be known as the “Coachella of the art world”.

Andrea Bocelli & Shahkar, Concert for Cultural Unity, Dolby Theatre, L.A., May 20, 2017. Member of the orchestra for this sold out concert

The music of Jani Christou, REDCAT, L.A., February 8, 2015. Anaparastasis I (The Baritone)(1968), Anaparastasis III (The Pianist)(1968). Participated in the Los Angeles première of these pieces by one of the lesser-known European composers

Orchestra and Chamber Players at McGill, Designs in Harmony, Montreal, March 20, 2010. New works by composers Harry Stefylakis and Nina Young

CalArts Stockhausen Festival, Valencia, CA, Febuary 17, 2015. Performed and coached Stockhausen’s TRUMPETENT


American Youth Symphony, L.A., since 2017. Holder of “The Liquid Music” trumpet chair

Carillon Quartet, L.A., Founder, Musical Director, since 2015. Trumpet quartet that specializes in the performance, study and expansion of the trumpet literature in duo, trio and quartet settings. “Mauricio Kagel’s Nah und Fern, pièce radiophonique, a live world première”. CalArts, Valencia, CA, December 6, 2015, “Triangles” ArtShare, LA, February 18, 2017, “Mauricio Kagel’s Nah und Fern”, ArtShare, L.A., April 29, 2017

Orquestre Symphonique de l’Agora, Montreal, 2013–2014. Part of many concerts most notably as a soloist in Igor Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat



"Awakening After a Musical Zero Hour: MFA Graduation Recital". Wild Beast, CalArts. April 2, 2016. Program: ARIES, MICHAELS RUF, Nah und Fern, MICHAELS ABSCHIED. 

"Mauricio Kagel's Nah und Fern, pièce radiophonique, a live world première". Wild Beast CalArts. December 6, 2015. 

"Aus Licht, works by Stockhausen, Kagel and Maresz". Wild Beast CalArts. March 7, 2015. Program: HALT, Morceau de Concours, Metallics. 

B.Mus. Senior recital Pollack Hall. McGill University. Works by Handel, Kraft and Kagel. April 17, 2013.

"Con Voce Festiva, Baroque cantatas & concerti", Redroof Church. Montreal, Quebec. November 23, 2013. This recital was alongside Rebecca Woodmass, Allyn Budka and Etienne Massicotte; and included works like Bach's Cantata 51, Scarlatti's Con Voce Festiva and selected Handel including Eternal Source of Light Divine.  

Teaching and Coaching


Student Assistant, Jazz Arranging, CalArts, L.A., Spring 2015. Played students’ arrangements and advised on the possibilities of the trumpet in composition


National University of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia, September 13, 2016. Performed Karlheinz Stockhausen’s ARIES, lectured on new music and coached
students ages 18–22

Composition masterclass, Universidad Javeriana de Colombia, Bogotá, September 14, 2016. Lectured on composing for trumpet and on contemporary music repertoire, students ages 20–26

High School & Middle School

Trumpet Coach,

Valencia High School, Valencia CA, Spring 2019. Coaching students 14–18

American Youth Symphony Share a Stand Program, L.A., 2017/2018. Coaching students 12–14. 

Chamber Ensemble Instructor, Community Arts Partnership CalArts, L.A., Fall 2015–Summer 2016 Coached chamber music, students ages 12–16.  Set up curricula for each term, attended academic meetings and courses prepared by CAP, coached and conducted students to perform a work at final concert

Teaching Artist, CalArts Salsa Band, L.A.: Fall 2014–Spring 2015. Presented seminars at various high schools, coached students ages 12–18 in side-by-side workshops

English and Math Tutor Community Service, Colegio Nueva Granada, Bogotá, Colombia, 2006–2009. Teaching English and math to underserved communities, students ages 11–30


Mark Menzies’ Sundays Chamber Music at CalArts, “Music With a Twist, Twisting the Old Modern, the Modern Old”. Valencia, CA, October 25, 2015. Headed production crew, distributed posters, handled online presence, managed artist relations

“A Day at CalArts”, CalArts, Valencia, CA, November 18, 2015. Recruitment day for prospective high school students for the Instrumental Arts Program, organized activities for over 40 prospective students ages 16–19, set up meetings, scheduled campus tours, supervised instrumental workshops and two concerts with prospective and current students, organized snacks and lunch, distributed posters, scheduled rehearsals and developed online presence

Concert Production Team CalArts, Valencia, CA, 2014–2016. Recording and microphone placement, webcasting student and faculty concerts, helped produce over 20 concerts a year

Colegio Nueva Granada Model United Nations, Bogotá, Colombia, February 19–22, 2008. Was in charge of producing this event for roughly 200 students from schools all over Colombia. Handled a budget of USD $25,000, negotiated venue and lunch costs, planned itineraries for schools and daily activities, secured $3,000 USD donation for paper costs from Editorial Santillana, secured donations from sponsors including the federation of coffee growers of Colombia (FNC)

Carillon Quartet

“Carillon Presents: Felix Del Tredici & The Whale’s Lament”. June 30, 2018. Booked venue, developed online presence, booked travel for visiting soloist

“Carillon Presents: The Beach Noise”. ArtShare, L.A., March 2, 2018. Handled fundraising campaign, booked venue, booked graphic designer, booked performers, developed online presence

“Mauricio Kagel: Nah und Fern”. ArtShare, L.A., April 29, 2017. Los Angeles première, new staging by Brian Carbine. Set up meetings, collaborated with stage designers, helped design posters, coached and conducted rehearsals, scheduled rehearsals, developed online presence

“Triangles”. ArtShare, L.A., February 18, 2017. Booked venue, chose repertoire, coached ensemble, conducted rehearsals, designed posters, scheduled rehearsals, developed online presence

Mauricio Kagel’s Nah und Fern, pièce radiophonique, CalArts, Valencia, CA, December 6, 2015. Set up meetings, designed posters, scheduled rehearsals, developed online presence

Self-produced Solo Concerts

 “Awakening After a Musical Zero Hour: MFA Graduation Recital”.  CalArts, Valencia, CA, April 2, 2016. Program: Stockhausen: ARIES, MICHAELS RUF, MICHAELS ABSCHIED, Kagel: Nah und Fern

“Aus Licht, works by Stockhausen, Kagel and Maresz”. CalArts, Valencia, CA, March 7, 2015. Program: Stockhausen: HALT, Kagel: Morceau de Concours, Maresz: Metallics

“Con Voce Festiva”, Redroof Church. Montreal, Quebec, November 23, 2013. Bach's Cantata 51, Scarlatti’s Con Voce Festiva, selected Handel incl. Eternal Source of Light Divine

B.MUS. Graduation Recital, McGill University Pollack Hall, April 17, 2013. Selected works by Handel, Stevenson: Vignettes, Kraft: Encounters III, Kagel: Fanfanfaren